We're a small restaurant with an open-plan design. We cook over fire, and chefs serve tables. We favour traditional techniques like fermenting, pickling and preserving. We offer a set menu that changes frequently and drinks that are equally innovative.

We love sourdough so much we got a bread oven just for the restaurant. From 2pm Friday to Sunday, we have a limited run of sourdough loaves for purchase which must be prebooked.

We're called Pasture because we're inspired by New Zealand's landscape and produce.



We are a small team of passionate people committed to innovation, creative experimentation and risk-taking. We are independently owned, with a distinct sense of place in New Zealand and a deep respect for this land.

Our food is led by the seasons and enhanced by preserving the seasons before. It is also non-hierachical: vegetables and animals are seen as equals on the menu, as are 'lesser' meat cuts and humbler plants.

Our beverages are playful and dynamic. We choose good wines made by good people, and we handmake a juice pairing because we believe non-alcoholic options can be just as complex and delicious as wines. Tea & coffee are equally important, not afterthoughts.

Our service invites questions and conversations. Our dining room is designed around the kitchen. Our seats are limited so we can focus on serving an exceptional meal to a smaller number of discerning diners.

Our bread is made from consciously sourced flours and rye grains that we hand-mill. Our sourdough is slow-fermented from wild yeast and baked in small batches. We have no rules for almost everything, except bread: our loaves are old-school, and proud of it.

Our philosophy is to share our passion for nature and creativity through flavour. We challenge ourselves to see the world of food differently, to create a dialogue around our landscape, and act with minimal harm in all that we do.

Being good means we care about our staff, our guests, our community, our industry, and our impact on the environment. Success to us is running an ethical, sustainable business where people love to eat, and our staff are proud to work.

Ed & Laura Verner